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Welded Flap Keder

Welded Flap, welds both sides of the fabric together, creating a single weld and has to be sewn to your material.
Sold by food, meters
Made in stocks.
Size: 4mm-8.5mm
Color: White, Black, Grey
Fabric: Stardard/Panama Weave, pvc one side coating


What is Keder?                                                                                                                             

Keder is also called "sail rope", "edge reinforcement", "hem rope", etc. But the name of Keder is the most recognized and used in the industry. It is a simple product consisted with two parts, a core and single side PVC coated fabric. With keder, you can weld or sew fabric to fabric to create a waterproof connection between frame and fabric. It is used in variety applications, like tent, tensile structure, marine product and banners.


                       Keder Application


                         Tents and Awnings

                         Fabric Structures

                         Industrial Curtains


                         Pool Covers

                         Marine Products

                         Truck Side Signs

                         Shade Cloths & Blinds


                         Marquees, Sails

                                                                                                             Any Textile Cloth in Tension

COMPANY ALBUM                                                                                                                       



We Believe that every outdoor fabric can make you feel the beauty of sound, the beauty of color, the beauty of taste, the beauty of life and the beauty of nature. To listen to the singing of birds, to smell the fragrance of wild flowers, to feel the breeze blowing and the rustling of green leaves. 


We will through the continuous creation and research and development of various outdoor fabrics, we will allow us to better appreciate nature, praise nature, and make people feel comfortable.


To be the most trusted and engaged community for every outdoor camping, tent life enthusiast.


Mangrove.com.cn started in Abu Dhabi, UAE, and the Abu Dhabi mangroves are located on the sea beside the Corniche in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates. Together with the Corniche, they form a beautiful landscape in Abu Dhabi.

Mangroves are forests that grow in the ocean. They have the unique ability to absorb water and nutrients from swampy saline soil, so they can develop on tidal flats. There are more than 30 root strips of mangrove trees. These pillar roots are like the most stable tripods for supporting objects, so only mangrove trees can resist wind and waves.

Just like this red forest, the mangrove company is constantly committed to creating better and stronger windproof, sunscreen and waterproof outdoor fabrics. We are fearless, we rush to the top, and we will walk with you on the outdoor road.

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