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About the future development trend of the sunshade industry


Although  awnings have not yet reached a saturated state in our lives, it is believed that  awnings will be common in our lives in the near future. So about the shading industry, do you know that it will be in the future? What about the development trend? The following is a detailed introduction:

At present, the energy consumption of some buildings remains high. Relevant leaders have pointed out that in the promotion and application of new energy-saving technologies, building thermal insulation is an important content and the focus of building energy-saving technology. It represents the development direction of building energy-saving technology, and shading technology is the core of building thermal insulation and ventilation technology represent.

The sunshade industry is basically private, and most of them run curtain shops. However, in recent years, there have been some large companies with a certain scale and a series of products. The sunshade industry has now formed a relatively complete chain-type supporting system. This system includes raw material processing, accessories manufacturing, commercial sales, installation, and after-sales service. But it is worth noting that, so far, this system and its operation mode are naturally formed under the market economy, and it can only deal with simple and primary building shading requirements. With the continuous development of science and technology, the requirements of buildings for shading are getting higher and higher, and the current system is obviously difficult to deal with. Due to the lack of unified industry guidance, shading companies are all independent, and the accumulation of funds still requires a process. There are few exploration and research in the field of shading technology, and it has not been able to form a considerable scale. For this reason, many companies will miss the current great opportunity for development.

Architectural shading decoration is an emerging industry with artistic and functional engineering. At present, there is no unified industry standard and evaluation standard. Due to the lack of certain norms, the sunshade industry is free to play and develop disorderly. Some manufacturers ignore the quality of their products and use shoddy products, which not only harms the interests of consumers, but also creates vicious competition.

At present, the external sunshade has been widely used, not only the installation specifications need to be paid attention to, but also the maintenance and cleaning of the windows. For example, if a business center is equipped with an external sunshade flap, if the window cleaning machine is used improperly, it will often lead to personal safety accidents.


Sunshade companies are of different scales, but the gap is even greater in concept, and the investment in technology development is insufficient. Generally, they are copied from each other and repeated at a low level. In recent years, large and fast-growing enterprises have a common feature, that is, to introduce foreign advanced technology, and through digestion and absorption, according to the characteristics and needs of the Chinese market, they have embarked on a path of independent innovation and development of enterprises.

There is no unified standard and specification for the quality, technology and installation of the industry, and there is no basis for acceptance and evaluation. These have affected the normal and orderly development of the sunshade industry, thus falling into the trap of poor quality, rough workmanship, low technical content and price competition. At present, the first batch of member units of the industry association are generally leaders in the industry. Each member unit is a model of integrity and self-discipline. Through their joint efforts, the integrity of the entire industry will be promoted.

In view of the current problems in the shading industry and the country's requirements for building energy conservation and building shading, the association and the shading appointment have a long way to go. We believe that to speed up the legal construction of sunshade industry management, the government and relevant departments should formulate technical standards and construction technical specifications for sunshade products as soon as possible, strengthen technical training for managers, designers and construction personnel, and improve the technical skills of enterprise managers and practitioners. level, can effectively promote the healthy development of the shading industry.

At present, the market demand for shading products is relatively large. Due to the influence of the market economy, the market competition of shading products is also very fierce. At present, there is no product guide price in the shading industry. When bidding for projects, they often win the bid at a low price. Affected by the price, it is difficult for the winning bidder to guarantee the quality of the product. For this reason, we require relevant government departments and industry associations to cooperate in formulating the guide price of sunshade products as soon as possible.

Shading products include inner shading and outer shading. For external sunshade products, the safety of sunshade products must be given top priority in both design and installation. Because the external sunshade products are installed outdoors, they often encounter wind and rain. If they are not installed firmly under dynamic loads, accidents will occur, endangering people's travel safety and property safety. Therefore, the government construction administrative department is required to certify the ability of the sunshade installation construction company as soon as possible, and issue a certificate of construction ability if the requirements are met, so as to avoid potential construction safety hazards as much as possible.

From the perspective of the national shading industry, there are many shading enterprises and practitioners, so it is necessary to strengthen the management of shading practitioners and provide technical training to designers and construction personnel, thereby improving the overall level and core competitiveness of the shading industry.

The shading industry is an emerging development industry, which is inseparable from building energy conservation and has broad development prospects. Due to the lack of corresponding sunshade product standards and technical specifications at present, this has brought great difficulties to regulating the industry, but difficulties and opportunities coexist. Under the general situation that building energy conservation is a basic national policy in my country, the primary task to promote the development of the sunshade industry is to formulate product standards and technical specifications for the sunshade industry. Therefore, the development of the sunshade industry has a long way to go. Therefore, we boldly explore, establish and improve various management systems, rely on the government and the majority of member enterprises, work closely together, and cooperate closely with all parties in the society. With continuous efforts, the shading industry will surely develop in a standardized, orderly and healthy manner.



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