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1.  How do I contact some one? 

2, What's the usage of keder?

Keder has many applications, with keder, you can weld or sew fabric to fabric to create a waterproof connection between frame and fabric. It is used in variety applications, like tent, tensile structure, marine product and banners.

3, What's your minimum order quantity?

We don't require MOQ, we have stock for regular specifications. Even if you only buy one meter, we can cut from our stock and send to you.

4, What's your lead time?

Most order we ship the day after we get the payment. But it also depens on the size of the order and quantities. The exact day of shipment, you could get answer from our sales.

5, How to choose the size of keder?

The type and size of the keder, depends on the application. If you are not sure, we can recommend size for related applications. 

6, Can you ship the keders to my country?

Yes, of course. Our factory located very close to Shanghai port, no matter ship by sea or by air, we can reach you conveniently.



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