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Relax In Nature

October is the sunniest season. At this time, do you want to move your entire home outdoors—or on your patio or in a small garden, and enjoy the sun with your family on a lounger; or in the evening, invite a few friends to open an outdoor party , Fill your life with comfort and comfort...

"Outdoor life" is becoming a common way of life, reflecting people's new life concept of leisure and relaxation.



Demand determines style choice


In many people's childhood, the swing is the best memory, it makes people start to imagine that free "outdoor paradise" while shaking. With the extension of living space, the idea of people creating outdoor space is getting stronger and stronger. At this time, outdoor furniture is definitely a good helper.


The idyllic outdoor life makes everyone fascinated, and the most important thing to create an outdoor space is to highlight the personality, and the choice of furniture should also be determined according to your own needs——


If there is only one floor-to-ceiling balcony at home, you might as well choose a wooden or rattan outdoor leisure low table with the same or opposite color as the indoor furniture, add two low stools, and decorate a few pots of low green plants beside it. This not only makes the narrow space of the balcony appear more spacious, but also creates a view of a courtyard.


As for the open-air platform, you must first design the purpose of the platform: if the platform is just a place for you to relax and enjoy the outdoor scenery, you only need a lounge chair and a small tea table. But if it is a place for family and friends to gather, and the area is large enough, you can put a round dining table, a few chairs, and then a parasol on it, and some green plants can be dotted around the platform. , or put on a simple grill and a long table, so that you can have a barbecue party here.


Your own patio, garden or roof deck can be a good choice to get close to nature and experience outdoor living. And some freshly designed outdoor furniture can make your outdoor experience better, you can put it in the garden, and some can be easily hiked with you...


Diversified materials show charm


Compared with indoor furniture, the most prominent feature of outdoor furniture is the use of materials and internal structure. Of course, it is also necessary to consider the erosion of furniture such as changes in temperature, climate and humidity. Therefore, for outdoor furniture, the selection of materials should fully consider its outdoor tolerance.


At present, most outdoor furniture is very particular about the selection and matching of materials when designing, and strives to obtain the most perfect elements from the special texture of wood, rattan, textile, metal, synthetic materials and other furniture materials, bringing people a kind of Very natural, comfortable look and feel. The independent use of any material or the mix and match design of any two materials will present different styles, such as—


The retro wrought iron supports hold up the solid wood panels with knots. This combination will make people feel harmonious and natural, with a hint of nostalgic country style, no matter what kind of outdoor furniture it is used for.


Rattan leisure chairs are mostly used in rattan furniture. The shape can be combined with different styles of Chinese and Western cultures to show a different rattan style. In rattan outdoor furniture, natural and comfortable rattan materials are matched with colorful colors. This small fabric embellishment makes the rattan furniture instantly lively and flexible; the rattan material is matched with iron art, showing the unique taste of the combination of rigidity and softness; the seat woven from pure rattan products, In terms of height, it can break the traditional scale, and there are various choices. For example, the round rattan chair that is almost as high as the ground looks extra friendly under the embellishment of the bag, allowing people to sit cross-legged on this square-inch rattan chair and enjoy the quiet enjoyment. Life.


The combination of alloy material and polymer material is the most modern and fashionable combination. This new material is light, portable and easy to disassemble. The special properties of the material make the lines and angles of this kind of furniture coordinate with the human body to achieve the best effect, and realize the relaxation of the mind in the pursuit of minimalism.


The combination of diverse materials brings people a variety of feelings, whether it is friendly, cold, cutting-edge, retro, sensual or rational, it will show its unique charm in the outdoor space full of infinite vitality.


In addition, the material selection of the internal frame of outdoor furniture is also particularly important. Using light alloy materials, it is the primary factor that it is easy to move and arrange outdoors.


Common materials for outdoor furniture


At present, among the outdoor furniture products, there are mainly 4 kinds of materials, rattan, wood, aluminum and iron.



Rattan furniture can be said to be the best choice in summer and autumn. It is fashionable in shape and rich in color, ivory white, coffee color... The colorful colors are properly integrated with the courtyard.


BG Tip: Rattan furniture materials have poor durability and are prone to brittle cracks. Therefore, it should take full advantage of its lightness and put it away as much as possible when not in use, which can greatly extend its service life.



Iron art


Iron furniture is the most common and earliest outdoor furniture. The surface is electroplated or oxidized, and the material itself is relatively strong and not easy to wear.


BG Tip: Iron art has the disadvantage of being easy to rust. When choosing, you need to pay attention to whether it has been treated with anti-rust. The protective oxide layer on the surface of wrought iron furniture is easy to wear, and bumps should be avoided when using it.




It is relatively lightweight and has a variety of styles. It can be combined with glass, imitation rattan, wood, etc. In addition to being placed on the balcony or terrace at home, it can also be carried with you when traveling. It is currently the most popular outdoor furniture material.


BG Tip: Aluminum material is relatively light and lacks a sense of heaviness, especially suitable for outings.




The wood feels warm in winter and cool in summer, which is very comfortable. Generally, teak is the main species. Because of its strong density, it is not easy to deform, and its own fragrance can prevent insects.


BG Tip: When buying wooden outdoor furniture, pay attention to whether it has been treated with anti-corrosion, and whether the surface has been coated with clear paint, which can enhance moisture resistance.


Personalized design intimate feeling


From the most primitive small bamboo chairs, bamboo stools, rattan chairs and wooden tables, to today's professional outdoor furniture of various materials and styles, it is the result of people's increasing pursuit of high-quality and comfortable life.


The pursuit of outdoor life, urban space and nature makes outdoor furniture no longer obstructed by space too much, and there is no specific style and form detail agreement, thus leaving more space for design. Because outdoor furniture is placed outdoors, whether it is natural or new material, it needs professional research and development technology and special processing technology to ensure it. The properties of outdoor furniture materials and whether there are different degrees of pollution to the environment should be the biggest requirements for outdoor furniture in outdoor life, and it is also a healthy and green trend.


At present, the design of outdoor furniture pays attention to people's inner feelings. Most of them are mainly streamlined, arcs, leaves and flowers, which give people a feeling of being close to nature and endow outdoor furniture with a poetic beauty and temptation. At the same time, the product design is based on the human body curve and its own material properties as the origin, and the overall shape of the fluency and rhythm allows the body and mind to fit perfectly and get the best sense of belonging.


In addition, gorgeous colors have begun to appear in outdoor furniture with light materials and simple shapes. Some famous outdoor furniture brands use colors to bring people a healthy and bright experience, and at the same time use aesthetic principles to make systematic furniture in modeling style, main body Color, shape and other aspects form unique characteristics.


Compared with bright colors and new materials, the trend of returning to the original and capturing nature continues - cotton, linen, bamboo, rattan and other materials are also more delicate, and the unique materials and fashionable design styles continue to satisfy people's pursuit of nature and comfort. At the same time, it pays more attention to the concept of outdoor life and personalized experience, and advocates the concept of sunshine, health and fashion.


In the afternoon sun, lean on the rattan chair, feel the breeze blowing on your face, and enjoy the leisure life in nature.


Attention to the selection of outdoor furniture


Choose furniture according to location


Do you have awnings in your outdoor areas, and is the furniture on soft lawns or hard surfaces? If it is on the lawn ground, try to choose furniture with plastic and steel frames. If there is direct sunlight, it is best to use a parasol, as direct sunlight can cause damage to furniture.


leave space around furniture


Different from indoor furniture, it is necessary to match furniture with coordinated size and proportion according to the size of the space. Whether it’s beside an open outdoor pool or a limited atrium garden, be sure to set aside an area for activity when placing furniture.


Material is more important than appearance


The material of outdoor furniture determines the difficulty of maintenance in the future, so don't just look at the appearance when buying outdoor furniture. Aluminum and resin are the easiest to care for, while rattan or wood furniture requires regular maintenance.




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