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In the sports industry, how does the tent hold this position as the


In recent years, China has required sports to be included in the senior high school entrance examination, which not only means linking sports with higher education, but also reflects the country's emphasis on the physical fitness of young people. In today's era of rapid economic development, in order to enable children to develop in an all-round way, almost every parent will enroll their children in some extracurricular tutoring classes of one kind or another, and physical education is an indispensable one of them.

However, at present, China's indoor sports venues are relatively lacking, and the market demand is huge, and the construction of sports venues has very broad prospects. Because of its unique advantages, tent gymnasiums are replacing traditional gymnasiums with the trend of breaking bamboo in recent years, becoming the "one-sided overlord".

The advantage of the first layer is rapid construction: the tent is a prefabricated modular building. All the production work of the tent in the early stage is carried out in the factory. Only installation work is required at the construction site, and the construction speed is very fast. In addition, the tent is a temporary building, and there is no need for complicated procedures such as approval procedures, which greatly reduces the waste of time.

The advantage of the second floor is that the interior space is large: under the same specifications, the interior space of the tent is larger and the space utilization rate is higher. Because the interior of the tent is a structure without beams and columns, it can ensure full utilization of the interior and is more economical. In the past two years, the multi-arch tents have been favored by customers in the sports industry, because the multi-arch tents can achieve a higher ceiling height and ensure that the height of various ball sports is not limited.

In short, the prosperity of an industry or thing must have its unique advantages, and so does the tent. The use of tents for gymnasiums is very popular at present, and it is believed that this will still be the case in the next few years.




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